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modify connectionStrings/appsettings sections on web.config with the appropriate location of your calibre library & database

  • name="CalibreDB" connectionString="Data Source=C:\Users\Public\Documents\Calibre Library\metadata.db;Version=3;"
  • key="CalibreLib" value="C:\Users\Public\Documents\Calibre Library\"

You may need to grant Read/Write permissions to IIS service system accounts over App_Data folder and Read permissions over Calibre Library folder.

If running under IISExpress set Virtual path to "/"

Calibre.Net integrate and extend the work first done on other great projects:

- [calibre - e-book management](
- [HTML5 Boilerplate](
- [Twitter Bootstrap](
- [Metro UI CSS](
- [IcoMoon](
- [BootMetro](

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